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Health Box Program

 Health Box Program

Greetings from NutriValue!

GrassRoot Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. Under its brand NutriValue has been working for the last 12 years, to bring Authentic national concepts to the Indian population. We use Indian traditional wisdom in Nutrition in Combination with modern nutritional studies; deal only with that which is grown by the Indian Farmer, very little or no processing, less or no perspectives and genuinely useful in maintaining good health in today’s age. Keeping it simple to prepare and with a great taste.


More and more scientific studies are showing the importance of correct nutrition, to prevent or manage modern day lifestyle disease.They have also shown that the grains,vegetables and fruits that we eat today have far less nutrients than 50 years ago. NutriValue has introduced many super foods which will give your diet the much required nutritional punch and fulfill your body’s nutritional requirement while continuing to stick with your eating preference.

We believe that small changes can make a big difference. It needs generally 6 months to appreciate the boost that such changes give to your energy level and get you that internal feeling of “Good Health”. This is how most of NutriValue users describe the feeling and we know that they will now keep themselves in this zone for life. We have may such “contented” customers. Towards our vision of reaching out many more, NutriValue introduces the Health Box Program.

Sign up with Rs.3000/- per family and you will get Health Box delivered to your door for the next 6 months. Along with FREE nutritional consultation. A FREE gift “The Calling” a book by Priya Kumar which has six international awards, is also being offered to the first 100 participants. Priya Kumar is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker with presence in over 41 countries.


Each health box will be customized to your family requirements by a nutritionist, along with FREE Nutritional consultation. NutriValue has about 40 products starting from Breakfast cereals, iron fortified biscuits, health drinks, moringa olifera powder, millet preparations, aloevera, amla, stevia/cviti (natural sugar substitute) and many new products. Just add these to your daily diet and see the difference it makes to your wellbeing. We are sure you will want to stay this way for the rest of your life.
Your Health is our concern!


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